Last Name Hussle

“I swore to tell the world if I made it out,
The truth about these LA streets and all that they about.”
Nipsey Hussle

Los Angeles entrepreneurial emcee Nipsey Hussle’s historical mixtape, “Crenshaw,” was released for free on on October 8th. That same day, fans of Nipsey’s were able to purchase the same mixtape for $100 at his pop up shop in L.A. or at Nipsey is known to take his time on his projects, so he can build the anticipation up and this time he played his cards perfectly.
The rapper has come along way from the Bullets Have No Names series, however Hussle has stayed true to his roots. By doing so he has created his own lane in the rap industry. His rise from a California gangsta to internationally known rapper, who is marketing genius, has caught the attention of the world, and the L.A. native is well aware of the power he holds with the mic in his hand. Nipsey came into the game repping Rollin’ Sixty Crips, but as he has evolved he is now more known for his marathon movement, which emphasizes working hard and being a visionary.
His passion for his neighborhood, and his people was evident long before he released, the Dj Drama hosted, “Crenshaw.” He has become the spokesperson for the streets of L.A. and the rest of urban America, while becoming a role model for people who take of their business and have the foresight to accomplish long-term goals. Hussle showcased his ability to think outside the box and bring the consumer into his world when he released the project with the option of purchasing for a bill or downloading it for free.
Nipsey Hussle has reached a point in his career where he has a strong enough following to make monster moves, such as mobilizing his fan base through social media and claiming to make $100,000 in a day off of “Crenshaw.” Hussle’s #proud2say campaign is the first of his kind, and he states the price tag isn’t just for his quality music but for the Nipsey Hussle revolution of the rap game. Stayed tuned for next project, part three of the marathon series Victory Lap.


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