Untitled for now

Far from the smartest!
Further from the hardest!
But near my heart is,
my identity as an artist.
Police identify me as charges!
Not knowing I could be sergeant.
To hood niggas I’ma target.
Don’t need to be Superman man I’m super as Clark Kent.
Their perception I can’t prevent.
And the other side they can’t judge my intent.
So Life’s a bitch I call myself a gent.
Poems came and poems went,
as my poetic persona vents,
I know I received every sign God sent,
and figured it out each time he left a hint……
That evil can’t break me.. A few times I bent.
Soul’s not for sale. In my past it was up for rent.
Money was everything till I really understood what that meant.

In this society,
life changes in a blink!

As long as…
my mind, body, and soul are synced I can look into American’s eyes and wink.

In this crazy world ambitions shrink.
As long as…
My lineage and future are forever linked.
My powerful prose will stay succinct.

In this society,
they want me to fight with my fist instead of the thoughts I think.
Therefore I am devoted to being distinct

As I express myself with printed ink
my demons created by society become extinct.


My outlook changed when it began inside,
my subconscious at war with my ego that I can’t deny.
I imagine if my soul could be satisfied by my interpretation of the world’s lies.
Discovery of my destiny is propelled by my pride.
I use to live; now I’ma live,
after every struggle I still strive to reach that moment I can say I arrived,
in heaven

-chilling pool side,


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