Galileo of the Game

My thoughts are beyond earth – an artistic Galileo,
Life is my wifey!
it’s been black and white since that day in my tuxedo.
My psyche gets all it desires just ask my libido.
I’m having conversations with my ego,
about how I’m that nigga even though,
I ain’t your average negro.

American so I race for commas and zeroes!
Looking up to ballers because they assassinated all my real heroes.
I use to be Green like Cee Lo,
Now I know my ancestors’ success got vetoed.

Now I know all my hard work will get repoed,

If I look out for the wrong amigo,

Because most people in my life are placebos,

It’s just me & my words- I’ma poetic depot.

I see opportunity beyond my peep hole.
But I don’t know what to reach fo’
At least I got my steelo.
Me, myself, and I – my holy trio,
so I’m in the game like there’s no “TO’s.”


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