Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful…….
As long as you handle your business and stay away from the cubicles,
Squares will have you boxed in.
You’re unusual when think critically,
You grin with each win
fitting in ain’t fitting me.
Approaching decisions differently,
Life’s a bad one isn’t she?
But it’s all good when your perceiver’s free,
Of the pressure aka the impress people disease.
Because you find meaning beyond your means,
and living is so green, so organic,
every breathe fresh, so clean.
Yet your energy attracts them squares onto your scene,
Yet you cut them out before they’re seen.
Because you’re obsessed with a serene
state of mind and the grind the only thing on your mental screen.

Interactive when you’re out of your comfort zone.

There’s something about conquering the unknown.

And my peers rolling up thinking about chances blown.

Telling stories and creating movies that’ll never be shown.

From the basement of their momma’s home.


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