Foundation (Year 1 in Review)

It is amazing to me how quickly 365 days goes by when you’re constantly in motion. Driving 20 plus hours on interstates, with only junk, from Denver to Atlanta was the best decision I ever made. Through sheer culture shock I’ve made all the necessary moves to go into year 2 as scheduled. The people of Atlanta have welcomed me in multitude of ways, although their motives were the first thing I noticed and not southern hospitality. They reinforced the notion that if I put my all faith in God and myself I will always intrinsically grow despite the despair, disrespect, lies, and neglect of negative people. Coming to the city of cities with unforeseen circumstances waiting for me was a calculated gambled that proved to be invaluable in the sense of truly getting to know myself ( Socrates would be proud!). My hometown built me but I had to leave so I could construct my foundation; My roots needed to be nourished by more culturally rich soil so I planted my life in the rolling hills of the A. I’ve been motivated by corporate America, small businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, college students, and even the hustlers to grind one goal, one class, one word, one connection, and one paid hour at a time.  With blind faith I know my journey will forever be a continuous struggle to accomplish dreams my mind hasn’t created yet, simply because I’m in an environment where inspiration is in every cardinal direction. No longer can I rely on the excuse of race, or misperception, or even my past because they have no effect here. I can’t be rescued by a safety net if I fall because it was removed before I decided to tip toe across the high wire act of adulthood far from where my life began. Out of my comfort zone I’ve constantly developed skills out of necessity; A trait that can be traced back to the beginning of my ancestry. At times it seems as though I’ve been stagnant but really those were moments of impatience or rare instances of boredom. In Denver, I handled my business but it there really wasn’t anywhere to balance that out without running into the same crowd. In the Atl,  almost every bar, festival, restaurant, event, game, lounge, BBQ, mall, and club has some sort of appeal.  The well-shaped pretty women, great food, and the perfect music are plentiful. In fact, it’s ridiculous and I see why so many people become distracted and taken under by that world. I love that aspect of the city ( who wouldn’t) but I guess because I’m older that materialistic reality just extrinsically fuels me to take the necessary steps to be able to balance business with pleasure and eventually make business pleasurable.


8 thoughts on “Foundation (Year 1 in Review)

  1. Good job Rudy!!! I’m so proud of’s good to see young men of color making they’re own way the right way. .. keep up the good work, you’ll go far..I’m doing the same thing in California with starting a magazine…Good luck with everything.


      1. The magazine is gonna be called Lights, Camera, Xpress!!! It’s going to encompass everything that’s trending as well as touching on topics that involve communities and different walks of life. Maybe you could write a piece when I get it together in the next couple months.


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