“Old” Tweeners:Turning 26


What’s distinctive about turning 26?
I can’t think of anything, can you?
Are you too old to go “up on a Tuesday” a year after your quarter of a century celebration or are you too young not to?
Does it matter how you celebrate when your 21st and your 25th were extraordinary?


I’ve come across a lot of people who feel like the best moments of their lives are over by now, but there also seems to be an abundance of people relishing the arrival of “old” age. Why would  the 26th year be distinctive when the conventional American has either:

A) accomplished all their goals,
B) hasn’t accomplished anything (yet?),
3) or is somewhere between absolute failure and comprehensive success?

What about the “Tweeners”? The individuals who  have accomplished a lot of their goals, but have a surplus of empty boxes, to check off, on their bucket list. The people who on a day-to-day basis self-improve. The folks who continue to impress their childhood friends each time they ask, “what you been up too?” The young professionals who have stable situations, yet hear the ticking of that biological clock and feel that pressure from society to do whatever it is they haven’t done. What about the ladies and gentlemen who must improve some aspect of their existence before they consider settling down into true adulthood?

What do the 26 year-olds that embrace their individuality yet find comfort in the cultural commonalities do? Are these people too busy or too self-absorbed to have children? How are the people that can pay all their bills on time with no assistance from their parents or the government supposed to feel? Happy? Mad? Hungry? Sad? Should we be miserable like those who give up on their dreams because they had to make sacrifices or didn’t have the drive? Should we be content like the people who are psychologically, socially, and physically contributing adults but may have lost their sense of self due to the greater good of their family? Or should we be in a state of bliss like our full-fledged grown up counterparts that are happily married with children, a nice house, and a solid career?

So many questions can be overwhelming, yet I’ll be able to answer them because there’s so much more life left to live. I must say I’m happy to be somewhere in the middle of the adult spectrum as I’ll celebrate being 26 for the rest of this year. I’m blessed to be kid free, college educated, and a self-sufficient adult who can depend on family for any kind of help; However, I pride myself on being able to act grown when it counts. I still chase my childhood dreams as I gain career accomplishments, so (HELL) no I don’t want to go back to the responsibility free world of an elementary school student. I have no desire, deep down inside, to go back to the days of being a “cool” kid in middle school. I definitely have fond high school and college memories but wanting to go back is laughable. I’m excited and eerily surprised I’ve made it to my late 20’s; I’m going to appreciate getting “old.”

Are you?


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