NBA Finals Preview: The Choosen One or the Family of Mr. Fundamental

It’s Thursday,June 6, 2013 and finally the Nba Finals are here. Lebron gets a rematch to his 2007 loss to the Spurs, who celebrated their champion on Cleveland’s home floor.Tonight will be the Spurs first taste of a finals series since they sweep the Cavaliers (basically, a much younger, not as skilled James.)

Now that Lebron is a member of Miami, has a consistent jump shot, a post game, and an Finals Mvp award the Spurs can expect a much different series, that will probably go to 7 games. The older Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, and Manu Ginobili will face off against the league most valuable player Lebron James and the struggling Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to see if Miami can defeat a dynasty to become a team that can actually win 4 or more titles.

With the Spurs only losing two playoff games, and getting a lot of rest they should be ready for the defending champions, who were challenged in tough seven games with the Indiana Pacers. Both teams have a lot at stake when it comes to their legacies, and the series will influence the history of the NBA. The Spurs will be going for a 5th title, while James and company will be going for the 2nd in a row.

This series will seal the Spurs dynasty or be a building block for the Heats. If the Spurs win, Greg Pop and Tim Duncan will add another accomplishment to their  long and impressive resumes.  If the Heat win, James will have his second ring. Already considered one of the greatest players of all time, James is judged by titles and not his ridiculous statistics.

Many casual fans probably won’t pay much attention to the Nba’s biggest stage, simply because the “boring” Spurs are in it, and other various reasons. However, hoopers across the world, and avid basketball watchers get a chance to witness the “Choosen One” fulfill his self proposed prophecy or the Spurs solidify their status as a sport’s empire.


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