Trill Clinton (Hook)

Trill Clinton it’s more than politics.
Our history they abolished it,
They ain’t even acknowledge it,
As I sit back & get more brain than a scholarship.
I realize why I’m on this college shit.


One thought on “Trill Clinton (Hook)

  1. Love&Poetry

    The way it sparked was like 
    it went straight to my heart
    But there was no way
    I could keep you
    From greatness 
    it would’ve been 
    You got so high I felt
    Sometimes I couldn’t reach you
    So I let go
    There’s nothing left
    To teach you
    He deserves a smart girl
    One like mom
    Independent and proud 
    Something to shine on 
    Though that mark and
    That talent
    And those feelings
    They burn so strong
    So what does love really mean
    When you do it 
    Watching as he’s stalking 
    Trying to find the right one
    I never won
    Knowing the girl he’s chasing is
    Just going to
    Do him wrong
    Secretly hoping that maybe
    I was the one
    He was
    All along


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