Black, Man!

I’ma black man! Oh yeah I’m educated.
I do it for the days when it was segregated.
I pray for the day I can say, “I graduated.”

Fashionable late so there’s no time to celebrate it.
But I will throw it in the faces of those who hated.
My downfall they anticipated.
So to them my rise is dedicated.
My discoveries have them devastated.
And my actions are authenticated,
so how can they be speculated.

The world is in my hands and I’ma weight it.
And sell it by the gram until my profit is inflated.
I have a A+ grade but how could a professor grade it.

By big money my dreams were created.
I think outside the”Box” as a CO native.
A Mile High Mental! My ambitions are elevated.
The Underworld is Overrated.
By legit hustle I was persuaded.
Could be Out in the streets but I decided to be Innovative.
We are all God’s children as I write I feel like his favorite.
Cause he makes sure my character stays upgraded.


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