The embedded assumptions of America I just can’t accept.
so I manically murder their attempt to mold my mindset.
Can you imagine the devastating devilish effects.
And to gain the benefit was a gamble most wouldn’t bet.
United with the richness of my state of mind as most drove into debt.

An angel and a demon on my shoulders signing a duet,So I turned on my mentality of morals to offset,
the ongoing temptations to tamper with my personal progress.

My life’s a game, a game of Russian Roulette.
a bullet to the brain aimed by internal threats,
I pull the trigger to conquer my conquest.
even though it would be as easy as 1,2,3 to forget,
all of the pain, the pleasure, the right, the wrong, and the regrets.
I held myself down too long to be upset,
Worked it all out in time with no sweat.

Feeling like a poetic prophet,

God‘s unfinished project.


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