Social Injustice (City Year Essay)

I disturbed by the social issues that are a result of the perception of urban children. I’ve
repeatedly heard the notion that inner city kids aren’t interested in learning, but I think
that has a lot to do with the perception of their schools, and communities. I wish people
understood that children raised in the inner cities have the same intellectual capabilities as
child from affluent areas. However, environmental and social circumstances impede on their
process of learning. Without the same resources it is unfair to judge children from the inner
city, because they simply don’t have the same financial means to solve certain issues. That
notion is compounded with the fact that their cultures and identities aren’t widely accepted
outside of their communities. Urban children also have dreams of becoming successful but
somewhere along the course of action they are lead to believe that can’t achieve these goals.
It is an injustice that urban children have trouble seeing the value of education, because they
have to worry about socioeconomic issues. I believe another injustice is minority students
often don’t have enough examples of successful people to talk too, and learn from. I also think
it is unfair that the education system doesn’t place enough value on the impact culture has on
how minority children learn. I don’t understand why the positive aspects of minority cultures
are excluded from the mainstream and ignored in history books and classrooms. In my opinion,
the perceived lack of support from their families, and communities is tragic and has to do with
the embedded beliefs that are influenced by the history of minorities in the United States. I
hope to close the huge gap we have in American society by empowering youth through the
acquisition of knowledge.


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