Denver, Youth, Education (City Year essay)

I have an intrinsic need to give back to the community that raised me. As a minority about to receive a bachelor’s degree I feel my impact on the world will be greatest in schools, classrooms, and the communities of Denver. From the lessons I learned from my mentors, teachers, and coaches I gain enough confidence to overcome the challenges in the academic world. I would love to counselor a group of young people, and tell them my experiences as a member of an underrepresented population in a world that isn’t inclusive to my culture. I see myself as visionary, and my dream is to connect culture, education, and advancement and turn it into a reality. I hope I can be an inspiration for children to continue their education at an institute of higher learning. I believe I can be a positive role model, and have a tremendous impact on adolescents. Hopefully, I can help young people see that being from the inner city is an advantage. I think about each moment a mentor of mine gave me advice, and it opened my eyes to a new train of thought that empowered me to make my own discoveries. As I reflect on how far I’ve come I realize the importance of having a strong support system that can provide guidance, discipline, and opportunities to expand one’s horizons. I trust my ability to be collaborative with the team members, the parents, the teachers, and the kids to foster an environment of growth. Finally, I would like to serve the youth of Denver, and hopefully propel myself into a position to serve the community for a lifetime through educating the youth.


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