Buggin’ Out (abstract)

In 1989, filmmaker Spike Lee released the movie, “Do the Right Thing.” The movie captures how sociocultural factors such as race and poverty can influence the development of mental disorders. The movie is a depiction of a Brooklyn neighborhood that is dominated by African-Americans, but all the local businesses are operated by a different race, which causes a lot of social tension. In this paper I will discuss how the stress of being a minority, being in poverty, and embedded racial tension can have a huge impact on the lives of the people in that environment. The character of Buggin’ Out, which implies he is known to express excessive worrying, and it too anxious about the situations that are out of his control, suffers from generalized anxiety disorder. The disorder has a higher prevalence in the African-American population. As an African-American Buggin’ Out will be evaluated using the criteria of the Diagnosis and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM-5-TR). Although the movie is set in 1989, I will evaluate Buggin’ Out’s case using modern research. Empirical evidence will be used to discuss the etiology of his mental disorder from a modern perspective Also, I will cover today’s top treatment procedures that would have assisted Buggin’ Out with his disorder if they were available.


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