Stupendous Livin’

First and foremost I give thanks to God for all he’s given.

Especially my mind as it manipulates my mission.

This Stupendous Livin’ Is My self-proclaimed Invention.

Out of sight to most are my obvious intentions.

So I’m paying my dues instead of attention.

in reality my time is barely invested.

Simply because I’m rarely interested,

Every morning I write nutritious poems for breakfast.

The meaning of my life since adolescence….is finding it’s essence.

Cause of my complexion my goal is to stay out facilitates… of correction.

My goal as human is to live thru my words while I’m in heaven.

My spirit speaks but only its blessings.

I revive I’m alive only in these therapeutic personal poem sessions,

It’s no wonder writing has become my obsession,

So many of friends fell in that American inflection.

As they lash out they be masking the pain of rejection

But I can’t judge I just speak on it 4 a few seconds.Image



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