The Love Game

The Love Game

(My 2 cents on Love, pt. 1)

by RuDaStu

No matter how religious or gangster someone is, who wouldn’t want an enhanced mood, an increase in self-confidence, and a heightened sexual interest accompanied by high-octane euphoria? It may sound like I’m describing a vitamin or new scientific discovery in a capsule, but love is the cause. When we are in love we feel like we can achieve superhuman bounds and we leap into questionable relationships.  When reality shows up as the villain, shit simply gets REAL.

I equate this time in the relationship to the fourth quarter. After the effects of the finding love wear-off, one is left to decide how much work to put in, and every decision is critical to success or failure. I’m sure we all want to win, but everyone plays a different game. The game of love is life’s greatest mystery, because everyone has their own version of what it should be like. The tricky part about couples is that it’s two people trying to become one, which is virtually impossible. Think about all the different personalities, moods, goals, friends, lifestyles, and mindsets that these two people must overcome. Not to mention the further complications of previous partners, time, and worse of all the “haters.”

I’ve seen real love, so I know it can be done. The hard part is figuring out how to find it. I think a lot of people have trouble distinguishing lust from love. Our past is so powerful it predicts how we will interact with our present and future “friends”. The subconscious stores all of these painful, joyful memories we have had, and unfortunately many of us never address these times. From these times we develop expectations, grudges, stereotypes, and etcetera. Baggage is the word people usually use to sum up all of the mental “shit” we bring into a relationship.

I believe a lot of us THINK we are in love, but in reality we have fallen in that pattern of revenge. We still haven’t fully recovered from that first time our love was snatched from our hands. We try to fill in voids that were created by all the times we were mistreated by our loved one, and in our subconscious these injustices dictate how open we are to taking that chance at being heartbroken again. The complicated game of love has no mercy, as well as no guidelines. It is invisible. It is abstract, and created in our minds. We judge if someone loves us by their words, and not by their behavior. In reality, actions we show our love, and through their actions we can see if they truly love us.

So when do YOU take responsibility for your actions? We can all say anything we want to, but it is hard to back that up day after day. In the moments of truth actions are loud, and words are meek.  Before we lie, we should take a second to think about what is important to us, and what is the best way to go about it? Often, you’ll realize you don’t have to play games, but most of the time we ignore that knowledge and proceed.



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