Direct Flight: Curren$y Concert Review

Classic "Rainbow" logo (1982–1993)

Curren$y - Hovefestivalen 2011
Curren$y – Hovefestivalen 2011 (Photo credit: NRK P3)

Direct Flight: Curren$y Concert Review

“Yeauh” “Yeauh” Curren$y Da Hot Spitta (@Currensy_Spitta) and his best friends brought the Jet Life Tour 2012…Direct Flight to Denver, Colorado at the Blue Bird Theater on Thursday, May 17th. As I arrived fashionably late, a little before 10 o’ clock, I could hear Curren$y already on stage. “He just started,” the security guard informed me, as he scanned my ticket. When I walked in the venue my nostrils were filled with the strong sweet and sour scent of cannabis, which was accompanied by a huge white cloud that hung above the crowd. The stage provided the only light, but throughout the groups of fans flashes of flames lit reddish-orange circles that could be seen burning. The amount of paper planes in the cloudy environment was evidence that everyone was a pilot, at least for tonight. The first thing I noticed about Curren$y was his retro Denver Nuggets fitted, and I appreciated the love he showed our city. He owned the stage as he finished his first song.

The most impressive part of the show was Da Hot Spitta’s interactions with the crowd. The whole night he called out people who couldn’t handle all the smoke, “get em’ sum water,” and he even shouted out security for being so cool. He kept referring to himself as “Hologram Spitta,” claiming the real him was on the bus smoking. His charisma set his performance apart from any other rapper, as the underground legend rocked the mic in various ways. He made a connection with everyone in the crowd, and few lucky people in the front got to shake his hand, when he played the part of a Hype man. When Curren$y was on the microphone he spit every bar like it was his last, and every word hung in the air like the Mary Jane smoke. His energy filled the Blue Bird to the brim. People from the crowd passed him paper planes, and when he hit it the crowd would rap his part.

Never have I seen a performance with so many acapella performances. He weaved in newer hits like “High Tunes,” with classics like “King Kong, and “Famous.” I lost count of how many songs he performed, because Trademark the Skydiver and Young Roddy assisted Spitta with rocking the crowd. Curren$y’s innovative flow combined with his concrete realistic lyrics gave me the impression he was born to spit. His content concentrates on weed, woman, shoes, and automobiles, but his laid back style makes the simplistic pleasures seem like there’s nothing better in the world.

As an independent artist it is unbelievable he has dropped 5 studio albums, with a sixth one “The Stoned Immaculate” coming June 5th. His countless mixtapes have made him a legend in the Higher Learning Culture. During his concert he had girls throwing thousands of rolling papers into the crowd. He tossed Jet Life appeal into the crowd as well. He was the hype man, as Fiend, Young Roddy, and Trademark the Skydiver performance in between Curren$y’s songs.  However, it was clear he was the main attraction especially as he performed “Elevator Music”, “Michael Knight”, “Hold On”, and” Full Metal”.

When the concert was over, I held my jet up and said, “JET LIFE TO THE NEXT LIFE.”


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